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02 Des 2015 

Cara Memasak Nasi Goreng Telur Spesial Lezat

Cara Memasak Nasi Goreng Telur Spesial Lezat - You know, if we play to Bogor, the one that we are looking at Bogor is culinary tourism. Like last night weekly cave go to Bogor. The plan still want the road just to the summit, but somehow we so want a culinary tour, too. Because fitting nyampe peak afternoon because we've already kejebak jammed. Finally we decided to search for the culinary tastes good and can make full. After hours on the road without a decision, we finally chose to cipanas area just for looking Sate. Eits, but not the usual satay yes. Satay skewers Maranggi here is that having good taste. Precisely at Café Sari Asih Sate. He said satay here has really good taste cave so there are friends who are curious and want to really tried ya satay Maranggi.

And we also came in shops sate sari asih when http://www.sukamasak.net/ nearly dusk. The exact location of satay stalls at Jalan Raya Cipanas, Pacet, Bogor. Fragrant aroma maranggi satay was already smelled when we set foot out of the car. Just info wrote for that do not know what it was satay maranggi ya. Sate maranggi glance it is similar to other satay we know. Only satay maranggi usually using beef marinated in spices and then baked pestilence which particular dry. Usually we know it Sate Madura in fuel in wet and mixed with soy sauce and peanut sauce. It slopes Maranggi mixed satay with peanut sauce and seasoning at all. But, satay maranggi still has a delicious flavor and marinade spices also seep into the meat so as to make satay maranggi has a savory taste and lezt.

Uniquely this maranggi usual satay served with sticky rice and sauce grilled oncomnya typical. a mix of sticky rice and spicy sweetness combined with satay spices oncom maranggi sweet and savory it feels so much more special and unique. Price Sate Maranggi Meat (pure) for Rp. 3,000, while the Sate Maranggi Mix (fat) Rp. 2,000, Rice Putin Rp. 2,000.

Sate Maranggi this one in the cave emang have different taste of satay maranggi ever cobain cave. A distinctive flavor that makes this possible is well known by the public satay and outside Bogor Bogor. So for you who will travel to Bogor using Cipanas track, maybe there's no harm if the first drop in the Sate Sari Asih and nyobain peculiarities of taste satay marangginya.
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02 Des 2015 

Kreasi Mie Ayam Pedas Khas Aceh

Kreasi Mie Ayam Pedas Khas Aceh - Many people intend visiting Bogor because the air is cool and Bogor is still surrounded by beautiful scenery. So even my goal every visit to Bogor. Because I foodies, my goal is not just weeks to Bogor to enjoy the cool air and beautiful scenery. But I am also looking for a place to eat with a combination of beautiful scenery. Then one of the places that I often go to Bogor that is Tier Siera Resto and Lounge. This place has a pretty interesting interior that makes this place feel cozy and makes us comfortable to linger. Ditambahlagi views of the mountains and the city of Bogor very clear.

Taste food from http://tersedap.blogspot.com/ tier siera resto and Lounge is arguably lumyan good anyway if you ask me personally, let alone Steak Rice on her. Rice garlicnya very fixed and very well beefnya soft and not too chewy, it fit in my mouth.

So happy for you who are looking for a cool place to eat with a beautiful view, Tier Siera Resto and Lounge has become a recommendation for you just hang out with friends or family even for you. The most delicious anyway if dateng to this place when it will be ahead of the dinner hour. Create Sundanese, whose name Sundanese food it loads its kind. One was the famous certainly was Surabi. Because the typical food of this one has begun to innovate into the food menu of traditional-modern. Everyone will like the same traditional Sundanese food on this one. was originally a traditional surabi only has topping with flavors plain, oncom and eggs. But now Surabi own toppings with a wide variety of flavors. As in Bogor have ever visited ya guys, Surabi typical Duren Bogor which had stood since 2005.

Surabi durian seller surabi is a pioneer in Bogor which is then followed by the other merchant. Surabi delicacy durian durian fruit with a distinctive fragrance and tempting. Already a culinary always targeted by local people and tourists. It is located right duren surabi Sukasari region. Favorite menu offered by traders this surabi is surabi durian cheese and chocolate. Both surabi have really good taste. A mix of durian with cheese spread, nor Mr durian with chocolate has a distinctive taste. supposedly said if you take your spouse or durian surabi gebetan to this then your relationship will be more sticky like dough surabi are half-baked and covered with melted dough durian.
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30 Nov 2015 

Cara Memasak Ikan Bakar Saus Teriyaki

Cara Memasak Ikan Bakar Saus Teriyaki - Kulineran in Bandung? Want to any kind must be bener ga, so many confused ya till lunch time is going where, because not eating from the morning and had breakfast only drink sweet tea sempet doang so decided to eat heavy meals.

After googling-googling finally see also one restaurant that does will only make full stomach but also full of the tongue, why? Because there are levels of spiciness! Yups, level of spiciness food in Singapore is indeed booming really know. Believe me start from the zero level until the level of infinity that can make you instantly abdominal pain after eating these foods. Ha ha ha..

Well simply googling info from the results turned out to lunch it is important you know, irregular eating schedule plus the unhealthy diet will make excess calories but so deficiencies of essential nutrients.

Back to the kitchen Bomb deh. Bomb kitchen are at this time is the kitchen datengin Bomb in Jl. Cihampelas no. 101 next to the bowl Manis, if want a more comfortable place to be dateng Jl. Palasari no. 45 (Bandung Champion Project). This bomb military concept kitchen with white walls and moss green color combination, in one corner there is a cabinet green moss are also often found dimarkas-military headquarters. Logo of the kitchen's own pictorial chefs Bomb complete with military-style clothing, now there are tau ga bomb turns itself is short for Not Oseng Mercon Ordinary, cool huh!

The mainstay of the kitchen there Oxtail Bomb Gordas (Fried Spicy). Fried oxtail served with rice, soup separately, crackers chips and sauce. There is a mixture of spices used to make themselves feel good fried oxtail. One more menu Oseng Bomb, nah This menu contains tender chunks of beef, served in a thick sauce cooked bright red because of the red pepper and other spices. Pas entry wihhh tongue taste was really felt more war, spicy and gurihnya unite in the mouth. Menus are not only here but also incorporate elements of spicy savory therein.

As written earlier said at the beginning, in the Bomb's own kitchen there is the level of spiciness as well. Starting from level Corporal, Sergeant, Captain and Major super spicy exist. But if you do not like pedes also be asked to mas / mba her for ga added spicy. Nothing special for the drink of Bomb Froze, if you dateng here you have to try Matcha Green Tea and Lychee Squash his yes. For the price deh ga not worry, it will not make the wallet broken. Hi hi hi .. Range prices ranging from 14k- 44k food and drinks ranging from 17k 4k- wrote.
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